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Minerva Wealth Planning gets its name from the Roman goddess of wisdom, which is one of our core values; we want you to have a plan for your finances that you actually understand. We love to serve both our individuals and families as well as our small business clients and see ourselves as a true partner to lean on for any and all decisions that touch your finances. 


Minerva Wealth Planning was established in May 2019 by Founder and Principal Advisor, Maddi Napier. After spending a decade in financial services, Maddi felt there were unique needs that individuals, families, and small businesses had but finding a financial planner that could serve those needs was impossible. That’s why Maddi launched her firm as a fee-only financial planning firm and serves as a fiduciary to her clients.


Minerva Wealth Planning doesn’t require assets to work with us; we simply get paid an easy monthly fee for our time, advice, and expertise. We are based out of Columbus, Ohio but have always worked with clients virtually so we span across the U.S. with clients even outside of the continental U.S! Our clients tend to be those in the prime of their career, trying to make life decisions like buying a house, having a child, or running their business in a way that gives them financial freedom.


Book a quick call with us HERE to find out if we might be a good fit for your family or business!

providing small business owners with virtual fee-only financial planning services in columbus, oh and nationwide

services we provide to individuals and families in columbus ohio:

Cashflow Planning
Goal Planning & Coaching
Investment consulting and management
Debt Management and Payoff Consulting
Benefits Optimization
Employer Retirement Plans (401k, 457, 403b)
Review of Insurance Protections
College and Education Planning
Retirement Planning
Tax-Efficiency Planning
Wealth Transfer Planning
Small Business Consulting
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