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A Plan For Your Finances that you can Understand

providing you with fee-only financial planning services in columbus, oh and virtually

What Else Gets Delivered?

  • MWP acts as your trusted CFO, on-call for questions that arise

  • MWP helps you increase your bottom line & net worth

  • MWP monitors financial health to inform future decisions

Goals & Objectives Setting

  • Identify and refine your mission, vision, and values

  • Define your role within the business 

  • Uncover obstacles that hinder success and profitability

Business Financials & Cashflow

  • Dive into your financials and understand what they mean

  • Establish optimal investments for your business 

  • Build an action plan and stay accountable with us as CFO

Protections & Succession

  • Analyze existing protection policies for effectiveness

  • Integrate required and necessary programs (workers comp, etc.)

  • Document succession plan with clear steps to execute

Tax Efficiency Planning

  • Evaluate entity type for tax efficiency purposes

  • Assess current deductions and maximize opportunities

  • Create an ideal compensation structure for you and your employees

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we partner with you and your family to develop:

Cashflow Planning
Goal Planning & Coaching
Investment consulting and management
Debt Management and Payoff Consulting
Benefits Optimization
Employer Retirement Plans (401k, 457, 403b)
Review of Insurance Protections
College and Education Planning
Retirement Planning
Tax-Efficiency Planning
Wealth Transfer Planning
Small Business Consulting

Meet the Founder

Maddi Napier Minerva Wealth Planning Columbus OH
Maddi Keegan has a passion for leading people to conquer obstacles standing in their way. She believes that financial planning should be accessible and empowering.
With 10+  years of experience in financial services, Maddi can help create a plan for your finances you actually understand.

At Minerva Wealth Planning, we know the hardest part is getting started. That's why we make it easy for you.

We take the time to get to know you, your goals, and your relationship with money first.

Build a custom Plan
FOr your finances

Your plan is uniquely designed and in a way that you can understand and implement it.

Confidently live

the life you want

Have the steps and accountability you need to make your dream life happen.

female financial planner columbus oh

At Minerva Wealth Planning, we know that you want to be a financially responsible individual. In order to do that, you need a plan for your finances that you can understand. Our virtual financial planning services are fee-only in order to serve you most efficiently.

We understand that the biggest hurdle to having a plan for your finances is getting started, which is why our professional experience of helping others conquer personal obstacles paired with over a decade in financial services is so beneficial to the people we serve. In Columbus, OH and nationwide, our fiduciary services will guide you through the process.

Minerva Wealth Planning Female Financial Planner Columbus OH





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